Self-Help Resources

You can do a lot to improve your mental health by reading books or accessing research-based websites. We recommend the following, either on their own, or as an adjunct to therapy.

Online Programs

The following programs will provide an assessment of how you are doing, followed by an intervention program that will teach you skills to manage your difficulties.​
This program has been developed and researched by Swinburne University. At this stage it covers primarily anxiety disorders, but additional programs are in development. You will be asked to register and complete a diagnostic assessment, and will then be provided with a report and recommended interventions. You may then be referred onto one of Swinburne’s online programs. The assessment and programs are free, but some programs include weekly email contact with a therapist, and there is a small charge for this optional service.
This program is developed by Australian National University, and provides a structured intervention for anxiety and depression. The program is free, but you will need to register.
This resource is developed by the Western Australia Department of Health. It provides a series of self-help PDF workbooks which take you through intervention programs for a range of difficulties (click on the ‘Workbooks’ item). These include the following:

  • Assert Yourself! Improve your assertiveness
  • Back from the Bluez: Coping with depression
  • Building Body Acceptance: Overcoming Body Dysmorphia
  • Facing your Feelings: Overcoming Distress Intolerance
  • Helping Health Anxiety: Overcoming health anxiety
  • Improving Self-Esteem: Overcoming low self-esteem
  • Keeping Your Balance: Coping with bipolar disorder
  • Overcoming Disordered Eating
  • Panic Stations: Coping with Panic Attacks
  • Perfectionism in Perspective: Overcoming Perfectionism
  • Put off procrastinating! Overcoming procrastination
  • Shy No Longer: Coping with social anxiety
  • What? Me Worry!?! Mastering your worries
This website provides information, support and resources for purchase which guide you through a new way of looking at diet and eating. They help to break the vicious cycle of restricted eating followed by overeating, self-criticism and weight gain by increasing awareness of your own appetite and enjoyment of food, and learning to trust your body again.


The following books are ones that we recommend to clients in our own practice. They provide research-based, sensible advice. However, as with all books, you need to follow the advice (not just read the book) to get the full benefit!

by Susan Tanner and Jillian Ball
Takes you through a sensible, humorous look at depression and how to manage it.

By Michelle Craske and David Barlow
This book focuses specifically on ‘worry warts’ or those that worry a lot about ‘everything’.

By Michelle Craske and David Barlow
This book focuses on coping with panic attacks and learning to overcome the things you avoid due to fear of panic attacks.

By Ron Rapee
Focused on helping you address shyness and social anxiety.

By Dr Rosie King
This book addresses the causes and solutions for couples where one partner has lost their sexual desire. It provides a sympathetic approach to both parties, while also giving practical strategies for rebuilding a sexual connection.


A free app developed by Australian psychologists that uses evidence based strategies to help you manage anxiety and depression. Available on apple store and google play.

A mix of free and paid relaxation exercises. Available on apple store and google play.

A mindfulness app worth the price with mindfulness strategies to help you manage a range of everyday situations. Available on apple store and google play.

A mindfulness app for relaxation, meditation, and improved sleep. Available on apple store and google play.

A mindfulness app that runs of free trial that includes one 10 minute mindful mediation for each day for 10 days Available on apple store and google play.

Another mindfulness app worth a look. Available on apple store and google play.

A fully customisable yoga app worth the price for complete beginners through to advanced yogi’s. Don’t underestimate the benefits to your mental health of a good stretch after a long day! Available on apple store and google play.